Hello, my name is Paul and this is my intermittent blog and website. I write more regularly on Twitter as @paulpod, used to put photos on Flickr as paulpod but use Instagram more. And @paulpod@mastodon.cloud now.

I’m a designer, my portfolio is here http://SP1.ME and this is my Linkedin profile.

I’ve been messing about with electronic music, some of the bigger bits are on Instagram as Terrorist Email Server.

I’ve done a few things

Worked for brilliant design agencies including Razorfish v1, Poke and BERG. After that it made sense to start a small digital design boutique called Neuromantics with clients like Nokia, BBC and Vodafone.

I’ve made games, design guidelines, newspapers, videos, animations and maps. Some of these things were on paper, some on big screens and a lot on small ones.

I’ve started start-ups

Bootstrapped a “social media for TV” startup called TIOTI which was angel and VC funded and later acquired. Startup history

Been a co-founder of a much larger startup called Artfinder which for a while was all about making something with interesting people and content. It’s still going, long since I had anything to do with it. Those experiences informed the mildly popular Lessons learnt from doing startups post.

I’ve designed interesting things

Done future digital strategy and product design, innovation prototype “stuff” for EMI Music, Money Advice Service and Telefonica Digital.

Spent a year and a half as a head of design at the DVLA, working with the Government Digital Service (GDS).

Designed a HTML trading platform from scratch, and other freelance things in London, commuting from Wales.

Now I’m doing design of digital services for the NHS, including 111 online. It might be the best job.

I used to live in London, escaped the city to a small rural village in North Oxfordshire to keep bees. Then went mad and moved to a smallholding in furthest, South Wales with sheep, chickens and lots of trees. Still here.