Pentagram – The Work of Five Designers

Except mine isn’t a first edition (1972) but a US reprint by the Whitney Library of Design (1974) and they had already expanded to six partners so stopped counting. The work here does the talking, with broad sections for interiors, graphics and industrial design with some clients spanning more than one area, showing off the multi-disciplinary strength of Pentagram.

For Reuters, not only producing the ingenious ticker-tape brand but expanding to build a beautiful woodland radio listening chalet and Clockwork Orange style boardroom.


The graphic design especially is crisp and fresh, much of it would feel perfectly contemporary now, as would most of the interiors and architectural projects.


This book suffers a bit from a lack of colour plates, and the image quality of the other images isn’t the finest ever, but this was meant to be an accessible book, presenting design in the shape of one particular agency to the world.

It’s not that rare, but not as cheap as you might expect. See Amazon UK used books.