Paul Rand

One of my favourite graphic designers, Paul Rand needs no introduction. A legend who practically invented the role of designer in public life. Thankfully, his work is thoroughly  documented.

On one side we have the big yellow Phaidon Paul Rand book. It’s got a series of pretty great essays by Steven Heller about the man, his life and work and a good selection of big colour plates, not just of the famous logos but broad coverage of his playful illustrations for advertising and children’s books. This book is widely available and [cheaply for a used copy](">Paul Rand<img src=" “Paul Rand, by Steven Heller, Amazon UK”). paulrand

And If that’s all I had, I’d be happy. But much more interesting are the books he authored - particularly A Designer’s Art. As Heller says “here was the pioneer American Modernist, a legend in his time, explaining the essence of what makes good design.” Well out of print, copies are a bit expensive even for my tastes, upwards of £70 used on Amazon.