Week 20

Last note I did a minor reveal of the logo I’d designed for #newstartup, or rather Artfinder. Since then we have quietly come out of the shadows.

Well not that quietly - this namecheck in a speech by the arts minister was slightly unexpected while this piece in the Observer was.

We have a page where you can drop us an email and we’ll give you first dibs at our beta, which is extremely soon now. Artfinder.com I thought I’d take this weeknote to post some more of the sketches and development as to how we got the logo we settled with.

(With a little help from Bernie Pochon, great designer trading as Qualia Lab who worked on a bunch of sketches when I got stuck. ) I’m not going to annotate these, suffice to say I got a bit stuck on using frames, quite loved the modern Q ish square one for a while and spent way too long fiddling with an ‘rt’ ligature.