Week 1

What? I'm hitting the reset button the weeknote counter because technically my extended run of designer-at-large amongst you has come to an end. I've signed an employment contract, have a desk in an actual office and a list of tasks all for one company.

Shit got real, as I imagine the kids say. We're going to be a wee bit hush for a few weeks yet, but only a few as I think we're looking at three or four products out and proud by end of the year at a minimum. Fast, good, cheap - we picked the first two.

So I talked about doing some wireframes and mockups for iPad apps before, these are ongoing. In the gaps I've been doing logo designs for company. Man, I forget how hard this stuff is.

Doing a tweak or refresh of something existing I've done a few of, but from scratch only two or three. You try to conjour up all your hopes, ideas, messages into as few strokes as possible. Oof, proper Hard. It continues. App of the week: updated Remote, now for iPad. Pretty nice, playing this tune from here on that thru the big speakers using this. Sweet.