Sprint Zero

Noodling on background, planning, thinking and details before a full team is available to begin. Sketches etc - nothing is real.

Variations on ticket

These are proposed tickets for submitting to user research with existing platfrom users of varying experience

Regular with dividers between sections

Using risk/margin amount as main selector

Added a value of trade box, possibly as a secondary selector

Trade on chart ticket - quantity as risk/margin amount, stop/limit on chart using sliders

Risk slider, showing comitted margin as well as the desired risk/margin for this new trade. Also, separate step for the stop/limit orders

Stop and Limit orders are on the flip side of the ticket ... use a CSS flip transform to show this?

This ticket has a slider for the quantity/amount which is also the trade direction

Updated flow with the 2 slider ticket allowing orders in either direction (added a trade direction flip button) as well as details for clicking to enter price point directly - click for larger

Updated the 'traditional' ticket to include two* fields for £ per point and cost.

First variant tried to keep things simpler by moving cost down into the margin calcualtion + adding a set of value controls directly there.

* Except to enhance the connectedness of the two values, theu are visually represented as one field with a divider. Divider could move depending on best position between values.

As this made keeping things on one line while potentially having larger values, there is a 'fat ticket' variant here which may be more successful.