Winter is coming

Bit glum. Wrote some stuff, it works* for @hondanhon so maybe it will work for me? I got caught out yesterday, being indoors too much with a gloomy outdoors and no SAD blue light (apart from the screens) and then I made the disasterous decision to read the Laika graphic novel, which although sweet is very very sad. So now I am sad. SAD sad.

There is too much disasterous news as well, which is not helping. Climate. USA. Brexit. Other things, probably. I've been on a train for the past many hours and am now in The North. I don't really like The North much, it all seems a bit cramped and unfinished, and yes you can buy a house for £70,000 but really why would you? It would almost certainly make you sad.

I've been starting to think about Sway, and ThCltr or whatever Mike has called the thing. The 2015/6 version of Sway seems so twee and quaint now. It was an attempt to measure people's opinion on important matters, and to measure their opinion based on the depth of knowledge, or how informed they decided to become.

The hypothesis was that if people could be gamed into becoming more informed they might make "better" choices, or could their opinion simply not be Swayed by facts? Well. How did that turn out? Like gossamer floating in the breeze, the hurricane of state sponsored information terrorism and a relentless propaganda machine means that Sway v2 is going to have to become more like the Dark Knight version of batmobile. An information tank, an armoured opinion carrier. What does that mean? Not sure yet. Something a bit harder.