Designing beautiful things for financial markets

Hello, my name is Paul Pod and I'm a designer. You might know me from previous gigs such as GDS, Telefonica Digital, Artfinder and Tape It Off The Internet. Probably not though.

I've been working for a few weeks now as lead UX for an interesting client in London. Maybe you'd like to join me?

We are a multi-brand, multi-platform service for traders in financial markets. We make software for that spread betting and forex daytrading you might have heard about. You probably don't know much else about it, other than people make and lose money doing it. That's ok.

We're looking for full-time UX designers, who are comfortable with some user research acitivites as well as building prototypes, in code ideally, if not we can get you up to speed. I helped train some designers at the DVLA last year do the same. It'll be fine.

Starting asap, salary appropriate for experience. Get in touch if you are interested, or want to know more. or @paulpod on twitter.