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TefD : Local TefD : Digital Retail
TefD : Personal Data TefD : Radio Me

Telefonica Digital - Innovation Design

Short, sharp projects to explore cutting edge technologies and new product ideas, supported by an exceptional developer team.

Big Data & Personal Data
Exploring use cases, prototyping digital identity products, user research

Local Social
Exploring use cases around applying digital community to real communities, socialised Wifi, community mediated services at village scale ahead of 4G rollout

Physical UX
Designing and implementing the electronics on Android IOIO boards for a 'screenless' messaging prototype Radio Me aimed at the elderly and digitally excluded

Digital Retail
Indoor positioning, exploring UX for iBeacons, Passbook, location-based digital loyalty and humanising the more terrifying cutting edge tech coming to a shopping centre near you.

More on these projects

LabGuru design guide LabGuru design guide

LabGuru / Biodata / Digital Science

A rationalisation of UI and other elements in a laboratory management service, from startup Biodata. Many of the features and views had been added in an organic, agile way by the team, but over time these old and new elements had become complex and inconsistent.

Without the scope for a complete redesign, we opted for a rational tidy up and a refresh of the visual language, presented here as a set of guidelines.

Money Advice Service video Money Advice Service Digital Guidelines

Money Advice Service

Created a strategy and vision video, prototyping and explaining future concepts for board level discussion as to how and where the Money Advice Service could leverage their unique position in the financial sector.

I followed this with a refreshed brand identity for digital use and art directed a series of consumer facing information videos for financial concepts, such as auto-enrolment pensions.

Artfinder new startup Artfinder iPhone App
Operation Woodshop Ipad app sketch

Artfinder - Startup

Collected screens - single PDF

Product and design for a website, phone and tablet platform bringing art into the digital age. Our first steps were around collating a decent sized catalogue and providing cultural institutions with digital superpowers.

We followed this with by enhancing the real world experience using image recognition, location based services around events and exhibitions.

I also designed a wide array of iPad apps as the digital version of coffee table books, and experimented with ebooks and ibooks as a simpler medium for this.

I created a strategy for a sustainable, authentic and eco-focused print and framing business for Artfinder, You Want to Buy a Woodland? for consideration as we closed Series A investment.

EMI Music John Lennon Universe
Lava Concept Video

EMI Music - Project Lava

Service / Experience design for a connected multiplatform music product, to become the digital equivalent of the deluxe box-set.

Starting with a complete blank slate, initially produced a design guide and concept video for internal stakeholders, followed by a dev/fort developed prototype and culminating in a pilot product, John Lennon Universe (screencapture video).

plink art android

Plink Art

Plink Art is a visual search application that runs on mobile devices. It uses image recognition to identify artwork photographed on a mobile phone, from books or in a gallery, and allows users to explore related works and art movements.

Plink was acquired in April 2010 by Google and the technology integrated into the Google Goggles product.

2004 - 2008

tioti pic1 tioti pic2
tioti pic3 tioti pic4

Tioti - Tape It Off The Internet

From 2005 until the end of 2008 I was founder and CEO of a social network around TV. I was responsible for all aspects of the site: concept, strategy, information architecture and interface design.

On top of this I managed the outsourced technical development as well as turning Tioti into a successfully launched and funded start-up.

Tioti received angel funding followed by a $1.5m round of venture capital in 2007 and by the end of 2008 had almost 100,000 users. It was acquired by Vizimo / FindmeTV

aggregator pic1 moetv wireframe2
moetv wireframe1


Aggregator was a start-up delivering niche channels of TV over the web. I was responsible for information architecture and user interface design for the overall service. This was intended to be reskinned for each content channel, I handled design for the first,, a Russian TV channel.

zopa pic1 zopa pic2


Working at top digital agency Poke I helped Zopa redesign their social lending and borrowing service prior to a successful US launch. The site won a prestigious Webby award in 2007.

nokia pic1 nokia pic2

Older work...


Neuromantics were engaged to produce two internal design strategy pieces for Nokia Insight & Foresight. One was designed to communicate Nokia's position on digital media and DRM to the business, the second was to explore was to improve the business meeting experience.

bbc pic1 bbc pic2


Neuromantics developed two concepts for BBC New Media. The first is for a broadband set-top box, focusing on providing navigation of non-linear content through social networks, editorial and procedural selection services. The second developed some of these ideas to create a user interface around scrapbooks of content as the primary interaction with television content.

All work is copyright the respective companies. Except the ones that have gone bust.