This is design

A practical guide to help build good digital channels by defining sensible design patterns.

Digital design guidelines

Our website has one simple aim – to support the organisation in becoming a credible source of unbiased money advice.

It must communicate the detail and spirit of the organisation – clear information and advice, delivered in a straight-talking manner.

These visual guidelines will help you to make this happen while remaining consistent with our brand.

Using the guide

It’s recommended you read it from the beginning, through each section as we introduce broad concepts followed by specific examples on each subject.

Where relevant we've included links to interesting research or authoritative sources to back up some of our statements.

For specific styling details, annotations are provided. The styles.css file is also a good place to get a shortcut to the main uses – apologies if the actual code is not production level, this is a very simple site to support this document.


These guidelines are currently in beta, details great and small are subject to change.

The offline brand guidelines are available in full here (PDF)